Johannes Tümler

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- Home-made VR
My hobby is AR/VR. Programming and playing games. Even though I sometimes don't *play* the games. Then I just enjoy the immersive visual effects.

- Volkswagen Corrado
Another current hobby is a 1994 Volkswagen Corrado with lots of modifications (G60, ex-16V). More driving than engineering if possible. ;)


- Toyota Paseo EL44
As an escape from regular daily work I used my old 1992 Toyota Paseo EL44. It had several modifications such as an rpm-controlled ACIS intake, D2 coilovers and whiteline stabilizers. From time to time I took it to a track such as Nurburgring or Oschersleben. You find videos of it on Vimeo. In 2013 I participated in a slalom event named Welfenpokal.

- GeForce Tweak Utility From 2000 to 2002 I developed the "GTU". It is a utility for tweaking the driver settings of nVidia GeForce Videocards. The tool was distributed via web sites as well as pc magazines (on CD-Rom). I discontinued the further development in September 2002 because it took too much time during my college studies.

- HDD Check
From 1998 to 2000 I developed a tool for sector-wise integrity check of hard disk drives. It was made in Pascal and used interrupts. I stopped the development because of a 8 GB limit of my HDD controller. (Download source + executables)